Quartz glass has excellent technical properties:
  • high purity  
  • high chemical resistance  
  • high thermal shock resistance  
  • high softening temperature  
  • high transmission from the ultraviolet through the visible to the infrared radiation
  • high dielectric strength

Quartz glass is the ideal material for vessels, pipes, rods and equipment in the high-tech laboratory.

In cooperation with our partner the company "proQuarz" GmbH we are in the position to provide perfect solutions made of quartz glass for the optimal use in your scientific or engineering studies.

We handle and process quartz glass in a masterly manner. We clean (acidize) and repair your used quartz glassware on call. We manufacture quartz glassware and fused silica apparatus according to your specifications.

We have gained the necessary technology for joining metal components to quartz glassware.

We are always your experienced quartz glass blowing workshop, no matter if it concerns repair or manufacturing of tailor-made quartz glass products or even the high volume production of standard products for OEMs.

Please, let us know your preferences.
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