If you are looking for excellent solutions in the field of photochemical processes, this is the right place for you.

The Karl-Brieden e.K. "Productive Light and Glassware" cares about your needs and wishes with regard to the equipment that you require for a perfect and safe photochemical analysis in laboratories or pilot scale plants.

In cooperation with our partner company Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH, we are in the position to offer to you the latest technology in combination with an excellent quality.

Our services:
  • Technical support via e-mail, phone or personally directly at your site
  • First suggestions of application potentials for efficient photo reactors
    in laboratories or in pilot plants.
  • Analysis of your requirement profile for your photochemical studies
  • Drafting of the specifications
  • Preparation of the requirement specifications
  • Preparation of quotation
  • Project support down to final delivery

Challenge us with your demands!

For your basic experiments we can offer a variety of application-optimized standard photo reactors, and specialty light sources in a modularized system.

We provide solutions for applications in industry, medicine, environmental technology and research:
  • Falling film photo reactors
  • Tube photo reactors
  • Side loop photo reactors
  • Micro photo reactors

for volumes ranging from 2 ml to 5,000 ml

With the sophisticated modular system MPDS (Modular Photochemical Development  System) you will gain a new and especially secure standard for your photochemical  experiments in your laboratory.


The MPDSBASIC includes application-specific photo reactors and light sources designed for basic experiments and feasibility studies on a laboratory scale. Depending on the configuration level additional reaction relevant data can be obtained, which are required for a later up-scaling on the industrial scale.


The System MPDSEVO is by the end the maximally automated stage, with the aim of recording all the relevant photochemical process parameters in “Miniplant” technique in a structured and reproducible way, such as:

  • the space-time yield
  • the reaction kinetics
  • the suitable solvent
  • the concentration
  • the spectral absorption coefficient
  • the optical path length


With the optimized and secure photochemistry reactors from the company Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH you will get highly efficient photochemical laboratory, pilot and production equipment with exceptional productivity.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Yours faithfully,
Karl Brieden
Dipl. Phys., M. Phil. Biotechnolgy

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